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The Rise of Virtual Learning Platforms

Online communication is changing the way instructors and learners interact and learn. Online learning has shown significant growth over the last decade, as the internet and education combine to provide people with the opportunity to gain new skills. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, online learning has become more centric in people’s lives. The concept of traditional

by Nicola Lewis 22/07/2020 Read more

Here’s why you need to add “online courses” to your CV!

E-learning and online courses are gaining great importance nowadays because of the current COVID scenario. Everyone is trying to update their knowledge level, and skill sets during the lockdown.
Online learning is revolutionizing the way we  build our careers. It is affordable, accessible, and we can choose the content that suits our requirements. We all

by Nicola Lewis 25/06/2020 Read more

Online training: The best way to train your staff during this pandemic

There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic is taking a terrible toll on global economies. But as locked-down companies do their best to get by, it’s creating an opportunity to think again about how we use technology. 
Most businesses have now shifted their staff training online since this is hassle-free, cost-effective and helps them monitor

by Nicola Lewis 06/04/2020 Read more

The Importance of having trained staff at Nursing Homes

Eldercare has become a hot topic nowadays as the increase in ageing population has caused concerns across the globe. Over the last 30-40 years, Nursing homes have changed from an alternative form of accommodation in later life to a place for those with the highest support needs towards the end of life. According to the

by Nicola Lewis 14/02/2020 Read more

Bringing down the premium on doing business in Ireland

The cost of doing business in Ireland is on the rise as organisations – regardless of industry – battle soaring insurance costs. As firms face relentless hikes on their premiums year-on-year, it is a catastrophe for our small to medium-sized enterprises and is deterring entrepreneurism.
This issue was highlighted last year when the Oireachtas Business

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Making education accessible to everyone

Education has the power to change the world. When everyone is given the chance to develop their skills, society benefits. We increase the diversity of viewpoints and solve problems better – together.
Last year, I travelled to London to watch Lisa* receive her law degree. Having been trafficked as a young woman, Lisa used e-learning

by Nicola Lewis 16/12/2019 Read more

Retail Excellence Digital Media Platform

Welcome to your Digital Media Platform – a service that delivers high-quality training and company videos directly to your group and supply chain in an engaging, cost-saving manner.
We combine expertise in compliance and advanced technology, and typically save over 50% in direct training costs and 80% in time spent learning, when compared to

by Nicola Lewis 20/09/2018 Read more

What Does Asbestos Look Like?

Asbestos is a fibrous mineral that comes in different colors and takes different structural forms. Six types of asbestos became commonly used in the 20th century, though at least a hundred other asbestiform minerals are found in nature.
It is resistant to heat, electricity and chemical reaction. It fireproofs and strengthens, prevents chemical combustion and generally makes products

by Nicola Lewis 18/07/2016 Read more

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