Explore the underused features and benefits of LMS

The modern workforce is a dynamic environment. Organisations must constantly update and expand their skill sets to stay competitive in their respective industries. Providing training to the appropriate audience can positively impact your company’s growth. Every staff would perform better if they are trained in the correct manner. Finding the best corporate LMS for online training is the first and most important step in improving your company’s productivity.

The modern-day solution for delivering online training is an ‘LMS system’. It has many capabilities that are necessary to automate training programmes. The main goal of an LMS system is to shorten lengthy operations, allowing for a much easier and more effective solution. However, a few unused but valuable LMS capabilities are suited for corporate training management. Find out how these features could be extremely beneficial to your company.

By the end of this article, you’ll have learned some new methods to use a corporate learning management system to help your company perform. Managing your learners and delivering a productive training session is a difficult task, but it becomes easier with a robust Learning Management System (LMS) on your side.

Video-based onboarding

Videos aren’t just for classroom material. Visuals play a major role in grabbing the viewer’s attention and reaching the message easily. Onboard any number of trainees to your course with video-based training. Companies can manage orientation in full swing by adopting the video-onboarding method. With the automatic assessment system, keep a close eye on the learner’s training activities and analyse their development. To determine how well your training course is doing, obtain reliable reports.

Say goodbye to the lengthy onboarding process with numerous paper-based procedures. Switching to an online training option is always cost-effective and environmentally friendly. If you already have an LMS platform, look at how user-friendly it is. Because the user interface of an LMS platform has a significant impact on the learning process, it is suggested that you choose an LMS platform with an intuitive user interface.


Every user looks forward to a well-organised dashboard. Enhancing and customising what learners see when visiting your academy’s website is what signposting is all about. Visiting your online training academy from the viewpoint of your students will give you a better understanding of how your students will feel. Never take anything at face value. This improves signposting.

Be a knowledgeable administrator and give your trainees a fantastic training experience. Check the platform’s performance from the learner’s perspective on a frequent or timely basis. The trainees/learners may or may not be having a good time, and this can only be verified by checking in from the learner’s POV.

It’s also critical to look into the trainees’ activities. The progress section contains all of the information about the students. Although learners can access the training course at any time, it is crucial to ensure they do not miss any sessions. The course will be incomplete if the sessions are missed. As a result, keeping track of attendance is essential while training online.


Every phrase on the webpage of your online training academy helps with SEO (search engine optimisation). Meta tags, descriptions, classifications, definitions, and any other material in an LMS platform can help it perform better when searched online. You’ll be able to sell your courses better or could assist your learners in finding what they’re looking for after you understand how to use this tool. You’re also providing an opportunity for your learners to learn about various areas of e-learning.

Assistance to Vendors

Corporate suppliers understand the competition of the LMS markets better than anybody else. They’ll be just as consumed with learning everything about your cloud-based LMS as you are with figuring out what has to be done next.

Appoint someone to assist you in transforming this passive collaboration into one that is collaborative. If getting to know your vendor is a letdown, it’s time to start looking for a new one. If your vendor’s customer service is exceptional, don’t stop there.

Role of 'Content'

A method for designating and controlling the many components of a corporate or enterprise LMS is required. While your platform is still new, its built-in taxonomy is likely to be rather broad (“programme,” “module,” “chapter,” “lesson,” “course”). Jargons are frequently more difficult for students to understand. To help trainees adjust to the material and style, consider substituting the jargon with something more familiar or intelligible.

You may unknowingly complicate the learning/training process by sounding overly technical. It is generally recommended to keep training sessions simple if learners must accept them. A few people may comprehend the context, but the majority will not. By simplifying the training course in your LMS platform, you may avoid this complication. The easiest way to deliver an effective online training programme via an LMS system is to understand your audience’s capacity.

Olive VLE - the complete LMS solution

The run and search for the best corporate LMS can end here. Olive VLE is designed to gel with any training type regardless of industry. The app allows you to track and manage all the training tasks and activities and analyse individual progress. Multiple admins can access the software and this makes the solution more convenient for large-scale training.

Olive VLE has plenty of amazing features that help in a flawless online training experience. However, a few features are unnoticed or underused. Make the most of all such features for an enhanced digital learning scenario. This Learning Management System is any company’s go-to for virtual training needs.