Enhance collaborative learning at the workplace with Olive VLE

Collaborative learning is when two or more people work together to learn something. The main motive of this method is to enhance the knowledge objectives. It is an educational approach where learners work as one-to-one, small or large groups to accomplish shared learning goals. Presently, the business world is adapting collaborative learning in their respective organisations with the agenda of improving productivity.

Training at workplace is always a challenge, whereas, with the right platform to deliver online training, it isn’t. E-learning has become very common today. Organisations are switching to the smarter way to train their stakeholders (employees, customers, vendors etc).

Collaboration is indeed an integral part of running a successful business. A collaborative setting escalates the trainees’ learning objectives. In the modern world, businesses are realising the upsides of implementing a learning management system and its beneficial impact on growth.

Employees may find it easier to stay connected with their colleagues with a hassle-free virtual learning platform. Flawless communication eliminates the puzzles that may occur in training via unprofessional platforms. A well-designed LMS is what every business needs. Furthermore, a learning management system enables them to engage in effective and meaningful collaborative learning.

Let’s take a closer look at collaborative learning, its importance in the workplace, and how collaborative tools and features may help employees learn and perform better.

What is Collaborative learning?

Collaborative learning is founded on the idea that by connecting with others and gaining from one another, students can improve their learning experiences. Learners are responsible for each other’s behaviours and duties in collaborative learning scenarios, which promotes teamwork. Collaboration between individuals who share their knowledge and experiences for the greater good is how learning takes place.

What are the advantages of Collaborative learning?

There are various advantages to using a corporate e-learning platform for collaborative learning. It can be done synchronously or asynchronously, and it can be done offline or online. It improves workplace efficiency by facilitating teamwork and streamlining workflows. It helps with cognitive and effective learning. It allows employees to collaborate with trainers and increases learning by allowing them to interact. It enables people to share their expertise, making it useful for others as well.

Why is collaboration important in workplace?

Collaborative learning and social learning are becoming more important as work has become more complicated and team-based. Furthermore, the work’s substance, structure, and process have all changed. As work has grown more time-pressured, proper social skills are necessary for workers to obtain information. Furthermore, individuals began to rely on smartphones to obtain new knowledge and master new skills.

Using an extended business LMS to facilitate collaborative learning can help learners prepare for real-world circumstances. It has the ability to put learning information into context and open up new views on a problem for new learners. It can provide learners with communication and leadership opportunities.

What tools and features are available to support collaborative learning?

Many tools and functionalities are available in a corporate LMS software to support collaborative learning in the workplace. Let’s take a closer look at them.

  • Discussion forumsDiscussion forums in corporate LMS systems make it easier for employees to communicate online. They can ask questions in a forum, and other employees will respond. Trainers can analyse and manage these debates to ensure that they stay on target. Discussion forums on a corporate LMS can also be used for critical thinking and personal feedback.
  • Real-time chats – An employee training management system’s chat option allows employees to connect with trainers or coworkers in real-time, facilitating learning. It can also be used as a group chat to boost communication and create enjoyable learning environments.
  • Announcements – With an extended enterprise LMS, you may make training schedule announcements. Trainers can share material on a variety of topics, give lectures, or promote forthcoming training events. Trainers can distribute course information with specific groups and assign various tasks to certain user groups using a corporate LMS.
  • Polls and Surveys – Using the corporate LMS‘s polls or surveys to collect user training feedback is a terrific way to go. Make advantage of it to determine the true quality of your training and, if necessary, make improvements.

Impact of Olive VLE in the workplace

Amidst hundreds of corporate LMSs available in the market, Olive VLE stands out for its impeccable e-learning software. It is a learning management system designed for business training. It’s excellent features makes it super-easy for hosting online courses in an organisation.

Olive VLE is one of the top LMS for business available on the market, with all of the tools and features listed above (and many more) that can easily develop a collaborative learning atmosphere in the workplace. We are trusted and considered as the finest when it comes to assisting businesses to turn their ideas into reality through digital learning. Many businesses have the vision to develop a collaborative learning environment at work, but often fall short owing to poor implementation or the use of an obsolete learning management system. It is the responsibility of an organisation to give its employees the required training, space, and opportunities. Choose the best corporate LMS – Olive VLE – to establish a productive organisation.