Olive Group + Microsoft = Olive VLE

The world is steadily evolving, and so is e-learning. Every organisation should prioritise using the latest technological advancements to stay ahead of the competition. LMS has become the epitome of ed-tech solutions in the fast-growing education industry.

Each learning scenario is different. Businesses are seizing every opportunity to connect with learners in the fastest and most efficient manner possible. A classroom-based course’s timetable is unlikely to fit every trainee’s job and personal responsibilities. A robust LMS platform eliminates all the training struggles involved in the traditional training method. Olive Group understood the need for this and built an array of excellent solutions to help enhance the online training experience for all people.

Introducing Olive VLE

Olive Group has been providing cutting edge solutions for various learning verticals over the last 15 years. To keep up with the progressive learning system, Olive Group partnered with Microsoft to bring OLIVE VLE, the Learning Management System (LMS), which enables a more user-centric learning experience for over 325 million daily active Microsoft Teams users. The users can reach the platform from the Microsoft App Source and use the LMS system to train their desired audience via Teams. The integration has brought all tools to a single point. Every training requirement can be seamlessly covered without any hassle. The Olive VLE is the best-in-class LMS platform to schedule or host live training and pre-recorded sessions to track and manage the learners with distinctive analytics. The user interface is easily understandable and manageable by training attendees of all ages. All types of training can be delivered to unlimited learners with Olive VLE.

The plus side of online training

All you need for delivering or attending online training is a good device with an active internet connection. The otherwise high cost involved in the traditional mode is cut off to a great extent, helping to save thousands of dollars on costs and hundreds of hours of downtime.

Another upside of an online training platform is that learners can engage with learning materials at their own time and pace. Learners can take any courses from whichever place they want to. This flexibility feature gives peak convenience, and the trainees would not miss out on any lessons or sessions.

The admin can schedule any session or simply host live classes to train the desired audience to upskill them. The continuous tracking of the course programme ensures that the training is delivered effectively. The trainer can get detailed reports of the learner’s progress with robust analytics.

Be future-ready with Blended Learning

Blended learning, also known as hybrid learning, is a form of education that blends traditional place-based classroom methods with online instructional materials and virtual participation. Professional development and training are also places where blended learning is applied.

Skill Library, Bespoke Content & AI Content Authoring Tool

Organisations can select from a wide collection of ready-made courses from our library to start their training straight away. Get bespoke training courses tailor-made according to the client’s subject-matter requirements. Engaging course videos can be made fast with AI Content Pro by simply entering the scripts into the AI engine. Every kind of solution is extended at Olive VLE to give you an uninterrupted e-learning experience.

Teach, Learn and Engage with Olive VLE

Amidst the downfall since the Covid-19 pandemic, digital training takes the education market to the next level. Most organisations have moved their training online as it is more convenient, cost-effective, and allows them to track plus manage their learners’ progress.

Traditional training is being replaced these days with a much better alternative – e-learning. Olive VLE is the best LMS platform for corporate training, educational institutions, and individual course-selling businesses. Access the single-suite Olive VLE via Microsoft Teams for all your training needs and host training on the exclusive LMS platform.