How does Olive VLE help in remote training?

Olive VLE help in remote training

A number of years ago, traditional classroom training was considered the sole effective training method. However, times have changed. Digital training is now widely accepted and regarded as a more efficient method. Although organisations previously preferred to provide staff training in the classroom rather than virtually, the boom of digital training since Covid-19 has made […]

Olive Group awarded ISO 27001:2013 certification

Olive Group has been awarded the prestigious ISO 27001:2013 for its esteemed information security management system and compliance with national and international standards. This certification demonstrates Olive’s continued commitment to information security at every level and ensures the security of our client’s data and information has been addressed, implemented, plus properly controlled in all areas […]

Explore the underused features and benefits of LMS

The modern workforce is a dynamic environment. Organisations must constantly update and expand their skill sets to stay competitive in their respective industries. Providing training to the appropriate audience can positively impact your company’s growth. Every staff would perform better if they are trained in the correct manner. Finding the best corporate LMS for online […]

Enhance collaborative learning at the workplace with Olive VLE

Collaborative learning is when two or more people work together to learn something. The main motive of this method is to enhance the knowledge objectives. It is an educational approach where learners work as one-to-one, small or large groups to accomplish shared learning goals. Presently, the business world is adapting collaborative learning in their respective […]

Tackle challenges in employee training with Olive VLE

Employee training software

Recruiting new staff, providing proper training, and selecting the finest candidates had always been difficult. The new normal because of Covid made it more challenging. Companies struggled to manage their human resources. Communication issues and under-skilled employees put the organisations in a fit. SHRM found a few crucial factors in their research. 69% of employees […]

Impact of LMS in corporate training

Corporate training provides workers with the skills they need to execute their jobs at a high level. Training and development are vital parts of any company’s success. However, it is given the least priority in many organisations. The core idea of training is to upskill the associated members in a business.  The staff can refine […]

Olive VLE – the ultimate corporate training platform

Corporate training platform

A Learning Management System, or LMS, is a software application used to build, organise, and evaluate online training activities. It allows the trainer to design and deliver content, monitor trainees, and assess their progress. It also enables students to use a variety of tools that can make training more engaging and interesting. Businesses of all […]

Key benefits of Corporate Training LMS integrated with Microsoft 365 and Teams

According to recent research published by Harvard Business Review, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on many organisations, particularly in the area of customer services. Based on their research, the frequency of ‘difficult’ customer support calls has more than doubled since March 2020. With the pandemic posing new issues in terms of when, […]

The best LMS fully integrated with Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Teams for corporate training

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted training demands across all sectors, broadening the reach of virtual learning and multimedia-based education. With many global organisations now relying on online solutions, investments in corporate training that automate the employee training process have increased dramatically, particularly in the remote working environment. It is challenging to give effective training when […]

Olive Group + Microsoft = Olive VLE

The world is steadily evolving, and so is e-learning. Every organisation should prioritise using the latest technological advancements to stay ahead of the competition. LMS has become the epitome of ed-tech solutions in the fast-growing education industry. Each learning scenario is different. Businesses are seizing every opportunity to connect with learners in the fastest and […]