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How Interactive Video is Transforming Learning

If you want to learn how to tie a bow or bake a cake chances are your first stop will be YouTube. If you disagree with that, you might be in the minority who still prefer learning through text, imagery and diagrams. Today 55% of millennials (those born after 1980-00s) choose video over text online,

by Nicola Lewis 01/02/2016 Read more

RAI and Olive Group partner to launch digital training packages for RAI members

The Restaurant Association of Ireland and Olive Group have partnered to launch a new online training platform, available for purchase by all association members. Typically a digital training platform saves over 50% in direct training costs and 80% in time spent learning, in comparison to other methods of training, such as classroom-based.
RAI’s training platform

by Nicola Lewis 18/01/2016 Read more
RAI online training platform

Olive Group to unveil Oculus Rift for eLearning at LT2016

New wave of virtual reality (VR) applications to be showcased at Learning Technologies 2016 allow L&D professionals to deliver a cost-effective and truly immersive learning experience for employees.
Dublin, Ireland (13/1/15) – Olive Group, a global content and learning platforms developer, announced that it will showcase its new Oculus Rift for eLearning solutions at

by Nicola Lewis 13/01/2016 Read more

Dublin Barista School launches Europe’s first video eLearning course

Range of courses now available on any device to help upskill budding baristas.
Dublin Barista School (DBS), a leading Irish hospitality training company, has launched Europe’s first interactive online courses to help train new Barista graduates. Budding baristas can take online courses at their own pace, 24/7, on

by Nicola Lewis 18/12/2015 Read more

Olive Group and Tesco triumph at E-Learning Awards

Olive Group is proud to announce that it received the ‘Silver’ trophy at this year’s E-Learning Awards Gala for the Tesco digital academy project. There were over 400 entrants from around the world competing for the coveted awards, with submissions whittled down to just 140 projects on the night. Olive Group were shortlisted in two

by Nicola Lewis 26/11/2015 Read more
Olive Group Tesco Award

Oculus Rift – The Future of Learning Web Summit 2015

Described last year as “bigger than almost anything we’ve seen or maybe anything we’ve seen in the past” Oculus VR were back again this year. Palmer Luckey co-founder and chief technology officer gave us his insight into how he sees oculus and virtual reality shaping the future of learning:
“the best way to learn is not

by Nicola Lewis 06/11/2015 Read more

Asbestos Awareness Infographic

Asbestos is a mineral which has been used widely throughout history gaining momentum during the industrial revolution. Asbestos fibres could be found in everything from roofing to crayons until it was discovered how harmful the mineral was to people’s health. While most developed countries have banned the use of asbestos over the past 10-20 years

by Nicola Lewis 05/11/2015 Read more

How bite-sized video is transforming global ELearning

We are really pleased with the phenomenal response we have had following the launch of our new brand Olive Group a few weeks ago. With over ten years experience in the compliance sector, we have introduced a highly professional “video-first, text-second” approach to creating truly engaging digital training solutions . This is a platform designed

by Nicola Lewis 28/10/2015 Read more

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