How bite-sized video is transforming global ELearning

We are really pleased with the phenomenal response we have had following the launch of our new brand Olive Group a few weeks ago. With over ten years experience in the compliance sector, we have introduced a highly professional “video-first, text-second” approach to creating truly engaging digital training solutions . This is a platform designed to improve and innovate in the eLearning sector. It’s a solution that makes video learning innovative, measurable, engaging and cost-effective. And here’s why we think it is truly revolutionary and the way forward for the corporate eLearning industry…

With attention spans these days dwindling from 12 to just 8 seconds, learners are becoming more and more reliant on visual stimulation such as video and interactive games.  Google reported earlier this year that 67 percent of 18-35 year-olds use YouTube videos to learn new skills. Of smartphone users, 91% turn to their devices for ideas while completing a task. This is now the age for ‘bite-sized’ video learning.

An outdated style

So, what’s the issue with the existing approach? Well, traditional eLearning solutions are text heavy, use outdated graphics and simply act as a tick-the-box exercise. What’s more, when it comes to compliance training, this approach does not always stack up in the eyes of the law. Even the more premium bespoke options still rely heavily on text and can often end up looking like a glorified (and expensive) version of PowerPoint online. Mention “eLearning” in your workplace and just by looking at staff reactions you can gauge their experience with the traditional model!

From a technical point of view, learning management systems (LMS) solutions that catered for these types of courses are no longer fit for purpose when it comes to the rich-media world. They typically can’t ensure SCORM compliance where video content is utilised. And, when it comes to multi-device platforms, even the most well-established LMS solutions will run into major issues with bandwidth and measurement when delivering video or rich-media content on smartphones.

Learning throughout the journey

I began my career in the Oil & Gas industry. Staff training was costing companies millions every year. Later as MD of my own business I became increasingly frustrated with how staff were trained. We were sending them around the world for training including paying for travel, hotels and food but the return was minimal. They felt the training was boring, they often struggled to actually apply what they learned in the real-world and the ongoing administration was difficult. It wasn’t just me; many CEOs, Financial Directors and HR Directors I spoke with felt the same way. I felt we could do it better.

We believe we have started something fresh and innovative that is delivering major cost and learning benefits to all of our clients. Our peers and customers like the approach too. We have picked up a number of awards in the last year and recently we were shortlisted for two categories in the prestigious E-Learning Awards 2015. Some of the largest multinationals have chosen Olive Group including Tesco, Lidl, Digicel, BAM, Mercury Engineering, Murphy P&C, Gate Gourmet, Qatargas and Balfour Beatty. In some cases we have saved customers €2million per annum in their training costs, and significantly improved retention rates and compliance across their organisation. Today, we remain close to our clients, with 175 staff in offices in the UK, Ireland, USA, UAE, Qatar, India, Kathmandu and Australia.

We have focused a lot of our energy over the last few years on keeping ahead of the curve. New solutions such as Oculus Rift and interactive gamification are making waves in the industry; yet again we’ve  been at the forefront of these developments. I’m extremely proud of what our people have achieved over the last ten years. We’re on a mission to create engaging content for a multi-device, multi-sensory world, one business transformation after another. We’d be delighted to help you next.

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