The Olive Group Opens New training & Digital Media Hub

The Olive Group Opens New training & Digital Media Hub

The Olive Group is delighted to announce that it has expanded its operations and has opened a new training and development centre beside the Red Cow. We have moved to a new premises next door to our previous premises in a bid to offer more blended learning via classroom and through E-Learning. Our aspirations are simple: continue to grow with technology and innovate to offer our customers the best training solutions.

Blended learning combines the advantages of classroom training, group interaction, the “human touch” etc. with the advantages of digital training, time and money savings, self paced learning and the delivery of a consistent message. Bigger and better facilitated space enables us to offer this approach extensively and to give our customers the best opportunity of training they require. This move also allows for more areas for practical assessments which will give learners the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding and knowledge.

The ever expanding Olive production team have also benefitted from the move. More space for storage of equipment, rooms for filming & shooting, and dedicated “animating and editing” areas give the team the resources they need to continue to offer the best in digital production.

We are a devoted learning and training hub and we are not afraid to reinvent ourselves in order to give the best solutions. We look forward to welcoming our existing customers, plus new clients in the coming weeks, months and years ahead.