Olive Group launches bite-sized, video ELearning applications for blue-collar & service industries

Olive Group, a global provider of media and training solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its new brand, Olive Group. Olive Group is the new name for the group’s dedicated learning and development business unit that will provide “bite-sized” video content via its award-winning Learning Management System (LMS) platform, AcademyHQ™. Additional services include hundreds of engaging industry-accredited video coursestraining appsserious gaming and immersive learning via Oculus Rift.

Brendan Kavanagh, Olive Group CEO, says, “Due to a lack of innovation, ELearning has a bad name in many sectors; particularly in the service or blue-collar sectors such as construction, retail and hospitality. Businesses and suppliers continue to focus on delivering text-heavy presentations that provide little engagement and can be difficult to follow for staff from overseas. However, the way people learn has changed. At home, people look to YouTube for their how-to videos. We now offer a similar learning experience to staff in the worklplace through our “video-first” approach to creating short professional courses that can be taken on any device. We have invested in developing a new brand, Olive Group, to help us focus our energy on providing the best solutions to clients across the four continents where our offices are situated.”

2,500 customers have signed up to Olive’s new approach over the last two years, and over 200,000+ employees from hotel managers to skilled-tradesmen and from engineers to waitresses are now take their training via the AcademyHQ™ LMS. The client list includes hundreds of SME’s as well as global brands such as Tesco, Pepsico, Mercury Engineering, BAM, Murphy Pipe and Civil, Aramark, Digicel, Qatar Gas, The Coffee Club and Lidl. The company has grown its workforce to over 150 staff to cope with the demand. It has also launched a new range of services including /Android training apps, 100+ accredited “ready-to-go” courses as well as emerging immersive solutions utilising technologies such as Oculus Rift.

David MacHale, Group Marketing Director, says, “We have steadily grown a set of innovative services and reliable technology platforms that clients clearly value. The solutions have helped induct, train and develop their staff in a more transparent, enjoyable and cost-effective way. Beyond the growth in business the quality of work continues to be acknowledged by our peers where we have picked up a number prestigious awards and, in just the last week, two of our client projects have been shortlisted for the ELearning Awards. It’s an exciting time for Olive Group and our customers.”

About Olive Group

Established in 2006, Olive Group, provides online learning, training, and digital media solutions. With headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, the Group is made up of three distinct brands: Olive Group – An online learning solutions provider; Olive Media – a digital media and promotional video specialist; and Olive Safety – a training and consultancy provider of compliance solutions. Today the organisation employs 175 staff with offices in the UK, Ireland, Australia, USA, Dubai, India and Nepal.

Contact Details

David MacHale
Group Marketing Director
E: dmachale@olivemedia.co
T: +353 86 467 0790