The Importance of Induction Training

First days are always tough no matter what the occupation. We can all remember the sleepless night-before, the nerve wrecking thoughts. We as people are not favourable to change and starting something new is always daunting.

However, the transition into a job for your new employees can be made easier with online induction training. Some people will argue that induction training is a waste of time however, research has shown that a considerable amount of employee turnover occurs within the first 90 days of employment. It is common knowledge that high employee turnover is costly and can lead to low morale within the office environment. A good induction allows a new employee to feel welcome, as well as giving them an objective view of your company and work ethic. An effective induction also generates a sense of motivation and establishes good communication links between managers and subordinates from the beginning. Similarly, one of the problems new employees face is finding the right person to contact if they have an issue-especially in large organisations and induction training can eliminate this problem.

Induction training may have been time-consuming in the past, but our online course has eliminated this as it provides your training in an online environment, thus decreasing staff downtime and generating more net savings. All you need is access to our own unique LMS (learning management system) Academy HQ. Academy HQ is the world’s most user-friendly LMS, which is hosted athttp://www.academyhq.com/en and is part of our e-learning program. E-learning enables you to complete your training anytime, anywhere and to a wider range of people in a shorter space of time. So choose e-learning today for an effective and efficient way of delivering your induction training.

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