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The 4 Biggest Myths of Video Learning

The phenomenal growth of online video learning has opened up a world of potential to L&D professionals. Many businesses are now transforming their content, while others raise concerns around its implementation. Video are not the panacea, but this article looks to bust some of the myths associated with video in learning.
Over the last few

by Nicola Lewis 24/03/2016 Read more

Why Responsible Service of Alcohol is such an important online course

As a service or bar manager or staff member you cannot prevent every alcohol induced accident but there are things you can do to limit the risks. This all starts with the responsible service of alcohol.
Under the Intoxicating Liquor Act it is an offence for a licensee to:

to supply intoxicating liquor to

by Nicola Lewis 17/03/2016 Read more
responsible service of alcohol - online course

Why eLearning is revolutionising hospitality training

The hospitality industry operates has many challenges when it comes to training: high staff-turnover, ever-changing compliance legislation and a customer-centric focus. So how do you train every member of staff to the same high standard so that customers and clients receive a consistently great experience every time?
With eLearning of course! Hospitality staff need

by Nicola Lewis 14/03/2016 Read more
hospitality training

Video Review: Here’s what you missed @LT2016

If you couldn’t join us at learning technologies 2016 we have compiled a short video to show you what you missed. Enjoy!

by Nicola Lewis 03/03/2016 Read more

Can your restaurant afford a €3.8 million fine?

A case study undertaken by the HSA has found that the average annual cost of workplace injuries to Irish  business lies at around €52,000, and can rise up to and above €3.8 million per case. This figure excludes productivity losses in most cases.
The restaurant industry employs over 64,000 people in Ireland. With so

by Nicola Lewis 29/02/2016 Read more
restaurant training - workplace injuries

Olive Group number 4 in “Top Businesses to Watch ”

If you didn’t already know it, we had a great time at Learning Technologies 2016. Turns out the visitors had a great time on our stand too! The pollster from Now Monday conducted an exit poll of hundreds of visitors and we were Number 4 in the “Ones to Watch” category and made it to

by Nicola Lewis 08/02/2016 Read more
businesses to watch

Review of Learning Technologies 2016

This year’s Learning Technologies trade show has gone down a treat with us and those we spoke to at the show; a fantastic turnout of over 250 exhibitors and 7,500 visitors. Olive Group’s CEO Brendan Kavanagh delivered a stand out talk dispelling the myths and misconceptions surrounding the use of interactive video in elearning and

by Nicola Lewis 05/02/2016 Read more

Cheating in ELearning. 7 things HR professionals need to know.

Cheating is a topic those who are new to ELearning will often raise. Do staff really do the training they’re allocated, how can you prevent fraud, and is it not just “click-click-click….”? When you are investing in a new way of doing training across your company you’ll want to make sure that the content

by Nicola Lewis 03/02/2016 Read more

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