Olive Group number 4 in “Top Businesses to Watch ”

If you didn’t already know it, we had a great time at Learning Technologies 2016. Turns out the visitors had a great time on our stand too! The pollster from Now Monday conducted an exit poll of hundreds of visitors and we were Number 4 in the “Ones to Watch” category and made it to top spot “Best Giveaway/Freebies” category.

The last 6 months have seen phenomenal growth for Olive Group, particularly in the UK and Ireland. We have rolled out a number of large-scale projects for Tesco, BAE, Lidl and BAM and the company scooped a number of prizes at the eLearning Awards. This was the organisation’s first time at LT2016 and for us to make it into the ‘top 5’ category for businesses to watch in the learning technologies sector (from more than 300 exhibitors) shows that our approach, using bite-sized video in learning, is clearly something that the L&D community values.

We also made a splash with our freebies or ‘promotional stuff that actually connects prospects to a brand.’ Ranking first on most memorable freebie or giveaway our interactive video booklets had people coming back for more (and bringing their bosses to see!). Much like our online platform we strive to use interactive video to provide memorable and engaging content. Courses that learners like and, in this case, content that the L&D community liked too.

If you want to find out more about our style of content you can book a call with one of our staff or learn more via our blog.