Why eLearning is revolutionising hospitality training

The hospitality industry operates has many challenges when it comes to training: high staff-turnover, ever-changing compliance legislation and a customer-centric focus. So how do you train every member of staff to the same high standard so that customers and clients receive a consistently great experience every time?

With eLearning of course! Hospitality staff need to be well trained in a broad range of skills such as customer service, food safety, time management and even manual handling. With so many areas to cover it is hard to find the time to train these large numbers but with a cloud based LMS you can tailor courses to your business needs.

So what else can video eLearning help with? Well, when it comes to training, staff are frequently asked to attend meetings and training sessions during times where they are not scheduled for work, many commute long distances or rely on public transport. This results in an admin headache and absenteeism from training. It is not an ideal system for your employees or you. As the employer you will be expected to deliver individual briefs to any members of staff who cannot attend. How much more work do you need?

Staff morale is starting to dwindle (and so will yours), this is where eLearning comes in. Because all of our courses are online staff can train when it is convenient for everyone.

eLearning provides businesses with a flexible training programme which allows you to customise your training needs and schedule it in wherever possible. Courses can be taken from any online mobile device and can be paused, and resumed whenever necessary. This format allows your business and your staff to regain control of valuable time. With a wide range of courses on offer staff can develop a variety of skills and knowledge so you can trust that they are fully prepared and qualified to deal with daily tasks.

Large numbers of staff can all be enrolled online with an LMS that allows you to quantifiably track learning progress and update training as needed. Any member of staff who successfully completes a course will be issued a certificate which can all be stored on a cloud system. So, less paperwork for you and far more organisation for everyone. Plus, if an audit is carried out, all your records will be stored in one handy location.

Handing this power back into the hands of your staff will boost morale and the feeling of accomplishment. Training is no longer a chore, it is an experience. With interactive video based course content, gamification and even VR learning and development can even seem like fun!

The costs associated with eLearning can save businesses up to 60% of training costs. We saved a well-known Dublin restaurant and hotel chain €130,000 in a year on training.

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