Olive eDX

Olive eDX is a highly immersive Virtual Learning Environment that provides an Enhanced Tutor Experience (eTX) and Enhanced Learner Experience (eLX).

Video Wall

A digital stage surrounded by nearly 18 screens, HQ cameras and great lighting to give that real-life learning experience.

Learner Analytics

Evaluate learner participation time and measure your session’s effectiveness and improve their learning outcomes.

Smart Features for Smart Learning

Digital Whiteboard

Breakout Rooms

Polls and Survey

HD AV Conference

Raise Hand

Tutor Led Classroom

Classroom Chat

Screen Sharing

Screen Recording

Content Sharing

Olive eDX Analytics

Olive eDX is an ideal education and corporate training tool with a robust analytics tool that tracks participant engagement and assesses their learning.

The #1 training platform trusted by the best educators.