Olive’s apprenticeship management system is designed to help manage your apprenticeship program, automating the journey, saving your organisation high amounts of time and cost.

Not another software,
a complete business enabler

Experience the change Mykademy ePortfolio brings to your business in terms of lowered cost and time invested in online apprenticeship training. The enabler platform is designed for engaging apprenticeship training programmes supported by marketing, tracking and reporting tools.

Increase learner

Learner Dashboard

Gives a 360-degree view of the learner’s progress about their plan and learning activities.

Workflow Management

Tutor and Assessor can do continuous observation, feedback and re-submission management.

Course Builder

Easy to create and launch courses using our intuitive course builder.

Certification Management

Create and manage certification templates, life cycle and expiration management.

Wage meter and tracking

Create and activate wage increment schedules and its notifications.

Course Dripping

Set rules and regulations for accessing the course contents based on the learning path.

Interactive Learning

Make learning interactive with LIVE chats and video conferencing tools.

Granular and real-time reporting

Tracks the activities of learners and assessors, manual grading and much more.

Olive’s SkillLibrary

Olive has hundreds of ready-made courses for the global market covering most of the subjects. These courses are certified by various agencies and governments for institutional use. Partnering with the Mykademy content programme, you can start your training programme without worrying about content creation.

The #1 training platform trusted by the best educators.