MyConnect is a community-based learning platform on which you can access hundreds of eLearning and online training courses, job vacancies and career support to boost your career prospects.

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Offering a holistic approach to growth and development, the platform helps you to find jobs based on your interests and courses taken. Subscribers in the MyConnect community have access to a wide range of digital courses, videos, infographics, podcasts and documents.

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MyConnect has been designed to open up a world of choices for you – both professional and personal.

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MyConnect has a wide variety of content types and features available to all users, which include:

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MyConnect benefits anyone who is working, searching for jobs or looking to upskill and improve their skill prospects across a range of different sectors including: Construction, Facilities, Retail, Healthcare, Office-based work, Colleges and Universities, Unions, IT and Sports. 

Subscribers can view a range of different and interactive LIVE sessions by professional experts in fields such as recruitment, mental health, as well as light entertainment sessions.

The #1 training platform trusted by the best educators.