Olive Group is now officially the Associate of Nursing Homes Ireland (NHI)

Olive Group, takes ultimate pride in being recognised as an official Commercial Associate of NHI (Nursing Homes Ireland). Our partnership with NHI is of great significance to us as we are deeply committed to providing top-notch nursing home services. Together with NHI, we envision a better future for vulnerable communities, and we are excited to continue this journey of growth and development.

About NHI

Founded in 2012, Nursing Homes Ireland (NHI) is a non-profit organisation run by a Board of Directors and is regulated by the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA). They are the national representative body for Ireland’s nursing home sector as they are the largest nursing home care provider (over 540 nursing homes) in the country. NHI campaigns for the rights and interests of nursing home residents and works to improve the quality of care and services in nursing homes and promote the development of high standards of care. NHI provides care and support to the elderly and disabled in nursing homes across the country and is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of care in a safe and respectful environment. They always work to ensure that nursing homes in Ireland meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

About Olive Group

Olive Group is a global EdTech company that helps companies digitise their processes for training, communication, and hiring. In collaboration with a group of DONs from care homes all over the country, we’ve come up with a way to meet HIQA compliance requirements that costs less and takes less time. The courses are made for how people learn today. High-quality, bite-sized video content and interactive exams make learning more interesting, fun, and cost-effective. 

The best things about our services are:

  • 15+ hours of professional online training
  • NMBI certification on course completion
  • Admin access to track employee’s training progress
  • High-quality, engaging video courses
  • Compared to traditional training, this saves 75% on direct costs and 90% on downtime.

As Olive is now officially entrusted by NHI, we will continue to ensure and deliver excellent services to nursing care centres and care homes in Ireland.