NOCN x Olive

With Olive, NOCN offers unique apprentice tracking enabling efficient and effective management of the trainees. The partnership helped NOCN deliver creative, innovative solutions to over 2000 U.K training providers.

About NOCN

NOCN Group is a UK-based educational charity whose core aims are to help learners and organisations reach their potential. Widely regarded as one of the largest awarding organisations globally, NOCN has over 2,000 training centres and has been creating opportunities through learning and skills development for more than four decades.

With a social rather than commercial focus, NOCN is at the forefront of vocational skills development and apprenticeships across the UK. Headquartered in Sheffield, NOCN Group offers a wide range of services, including regulated qualifications, EPA for apprenticeships, Access to HE Diplomas, bespoke accreditation, and educational plus skills support training.

Challenge faced by NOCN

As one of the largest, innovative organisations, NOCN constantly searches for the best products and services to offer their apprenticeships training centres and enhance delivery to the market. There were many similarities in what both Olive and NOCN believed in during their initial meetings. The power of education and its overall impact being two of the central visions.

Olive took a partnership approach to assist NOCN in January 2021, with the main benefits being the robust training platform and digital content for apprenticeship training and management solutions.

How NOCN benefited from Olive

In a short time utilising Olive’s products, client retention is significantly higher due to high-end learning engagement. Added to this, new client onboarding is more manageable with more satisfaction from all users, especially with new emerging technology such as CRM’s and virtual assistance. 

Although early into their five-year partnership, Olive and NOCN continue to commit to work for a better future for all sectors across the U.K and global market.

The use of Olive’s products has given NOCN unique offerings in the industry. Apprenticeship tracking enabled effective and efficient management of the trainees.