Retail Excellence Digital Media Platform

Welcome to your Digital Media Platform – a service that delivers high-quality training and company videos directly to your group and supply chain in an engaging, cost-saving manner.

We combine expertise in compliance and advanced technology, and typically save over 50% in direct training costs and 80% in time spent learning, when compared to traditional classroom training. We continue to supply training courses and promotional content for companies within an wide array of industries.

All our training courses are created using high-quality custom video, engaging motion graphics and interactive gaming elements. This mixed media approach ensures learners are constantly engaged and results in higher retention rates, compared to other methods. Training is created with the user in mind. Users have anytime access to courses – they can be taken on mobiles, tablets and PCs. And all courses can be taken either in one go or completed over time.

We have an array of other high-quality courses can be offered immediately. Much of our training material is professional body accredited, -so you don’t forego quality. And we also specialise in creating customised courses, depending on your needs.

Company induction courses for contractors and staff are our most popular customised courses. In addition to covering company policies and procedures, inductions capture the culture, history, and values of each company.

Content generally includes:
● Employee Rights and Responsibilities
● Safety Culture and Policies
● Behaviour and Appraisals
● Environmental Policies
● and Emergency Procedures and Safety Plans

All courses are uploaded onto our Academy with an easy-to-use online site and app. The Academy offers instant reporting so, as an organisation, you can monitor and track your employees and contractors training records. After completing a course, each employee will receive a certificate, or a QR code if your organisation chooses to use mobile verification. Simply scan this code to see which certificates each member has gained, and which courses have been taken.

We can also create a brand new Mobile App, which will be completely unique to your organisation. Your App will be easily accessible for all members, available to download on iOS, Android and Windows.

Users can take training courses through the app, but it also has the added benefit of helping you manage your administration. Management can create forms for all members to fill in online, which will help to cut down on administration costs directly. The app also has the ability to host made-to-order promotional videos, and to send newscasts, safety alerts and toolbox talks directly to tens of thousands of users instantly.

Newscasts, Safety Alerts and Toolbox Talks can be created and sent any time that – management decides that they are necessary. Create a safety alert after a serious incident or accident within the group, or following the implementation of new safety rules. Send out a toolbox talk to raise awareness of a particular aspect of work, so that a good safety message is constantly reinforced. Or use a Newscast to push company-wide news and information immediately, in the style of a three minute news reading.

A Digital Media Platform is proven to help significantly reduce administrative and training costs. Engaging training courses will help generate a better skilled workforce. And the unique content of Promos, Newscasts, Safety Alerts and Toolbox Talks will keep all staff constantly engaged with the company.