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Online training: The best way to train your staff during this pandemic

There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic is taking a terrible toll on global economies. But as locked-down companies do their best to get by, it’s creating an opportunity to think again about how we use technology. 

Most businesses have now shifted their staff training online since this is hassle-free, cost-effective and helps them monitor their employees progress.

Staff Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all employees. Let’s analyse why it’s important to have an online training solution for you to train your staff.

  1. Tracking Progress and Efficiency of staff

Teaching employees and partners how to work remotely without losing efficiency is no small task. Making sure workers remain engaged and efficient during these times will keep businesses afloat, even from the couches of worker’s homes.

  1. Traveling is not possible

Traditional in-person training and instructor-led courses have been combating modernized eLearning for years. With travel bans in place without a concrete end date in sight, it may be hard to bring in outside instructors or move employees to a physical training location. That means companies will need to tap into virtual arrangements, which can help cut costs associated with sending employees to a training site. It can also allow them to avoid spending money to bring an instructor to their facility. This will surely force training to go online, to accommodate our shifting society.

  1. Flexibility in working

Whether you’re a working parent or you live with others, working remotely has changed how corporate employees work daily. This situation lends itself to a need for flexibility, which eLearning can help with. Instead of separate spaces for work at home, the lines between work and home become blurred and a strict 9 to 5 no longer makes sense. With online training, employees can pick up where they left off and make deadlines while choosing hours that make sense for their ever-changing, individual lives.

  1. Engaging content for training

Online training platforms can have the ability to use interactive content. Remote working employees have so many distractions that they may not have in a formal office. To combat those distractions, keep your online training both instructive and engaging, with visuals, certificates, quizzes, videos, assessments, and more.

  1. Consistent and accurate training

When larger numbers are subject to digital training, the training maintains consistency. All of your employees will come away with the same quality of knowledge. As online courses are being regularly updated, it’s an advantage over print publications. This helps in providing the most accurate information possible.

Why e-Learning helps if your industry is struggling at the moment?

Unfortunately, many businesses and companies are facing an economical crisis. The main reason behind this would be quarantine and social distancing efforts across the nations. This epidemic serves as a very clear wake-up call – if you don’t have a plan for how to work remotely or how to train from anywhere, you need one! Using a personalised e-Learning platform is how you can prepare for that time frame. 

Having a versatile online training platform helps keep your company’s approach to training agile and ready to meet your employees where they are. That’s something you’ll already want to have in place once the crisis calms down. As it is crucial to provide training to the employees, leading businesses are leveraging e-Learning platforms, which offer a significant level of flexibility and are more cost-effective. Enterprises are continuously shifting from traditional courses to eLearning courses using eLearning platforms.

The Bottom line

Despite office closures and the need for physical distancing in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, Olive group offers employers and companies the ability to continue their mandatory training. In the face of all this change, we are fully committed to helping our corporate customers make the shift to online learning a worry-free decision during this very tumultuous time.

by The Authors 06/04/2020 See all posts
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