NOCN vLearn

About NOCN vLearn

NOCN vLearn will launch in January 2021 – an innovative, learning ecosystem that supports your organisation’s unique needs and brings virtual on-demand learning to life!

NOCN vLearn is developed from a deep understanding of education, designed by experienced education practitioners who are committed to providing all of our partners the highest-quality tools. Supporting you to deliver the highest quality training and education.

NOCN vLearn is easy to use, available on laptops, tablets and mobile devices!

Key Features

  • World-Class Virtual Learning Environment
  • ePortfolio capabilities – covering all aspects of the apprenticeship journey
  • Digital support materials for Apprenticeships – custom created for apprenticeship standards 
  • Digital content – to support the delivery of all qualifications 
  • Virtual Classroom – when you need more than a screen share

Why NOCN vLearn?

The new digital age is upon us and everything is changing. 

Advances in Education Technology has created opportunities for enhanced learning experiences available 24/7.

This Technology has enabled quicker connections, flexible routines, greater independence, remote working and an emerging variety of new jobs and closing skills gap. 

Never has there been a time where the ability to adapt, to continually evolve, has been more necessary. We need training and education now more than ever and  technology allows us  to empower our learners to gain the skills for the jobs of the future. 

Education is no longer bound to the classroom, we can leverage technology for good! Engaging digital learning will provide you with the tools you need to lead and motivate learners to succeed!

About NOCN Group

NOCN Group was established and has always been there for the benefit learner, that is why we are launching NOCN vLearn – A World-Class Virtual Learning Environment.

NOCN Group’s mission is to positively impact social mobility and we have a drive for education fairness for all.

NOCN Group strives for participation from the widest pool of talent – with everyone empowered to go as far and as fast as their talents and energies allow.

NOCN Group is committed to helping you and your learners achieve excellence!

We invite you to join NOCN vLearn, engage in the revolution to provide a brighter pathway for all learners.

Features of NOCN vLearn

World-Class Virtual Learning Environment

A World-Class Virtual Learning Environment to empower your delivery. vLearn has all-inclusive features including Virtual Classroom, LMS, Content Curation, Assessments, Data/MI & much more! The modern user interface and intuitive content curation capabilities will help you to present your content in the most effective way to all of your learners.

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ePortfolio Capabilities

NOCN vLearn introduces the custom-built, easy-to-use ePortfolio feature-rich platform that ignites learner engagement, enabling performance management and improvements to fuel organisation improvements, for you and your clients. Features including, Virtual Classroom, Assessor Workflow, ePortfolio, IM, Forums, Off-the-job Tracker and EPA readiness.

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EPA Supporting Materials

NOCN vLearn provides the best industry designed content and materials designed by sector specialist and EPA experts, including, Digital eLearning Courses Specific for the Apprenticeship, Maximiser and Mandatory Digital Courses, How to guides, templates for lesson plans and activities, TedTalk style videos & much more!

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Digital Content

State of the art digital media content instructional designed, produced and curated by subject-matter-experts and presented by professionals. The highly engaging on-demand media includes a mix of 3D Motion Graphics, Filming, interactive knowledge checks, assessments, gamification, templates, live scenarios. 

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