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My Virtual Tutor addresses the inadequacies of video conferencing applications in the education sector, transforming conventional classroom delivery to a virtual learning environment.

The platform delivers a 360° experience incorporating a learning management system with a large library of digital media, live online workshops and access and reporting for all stakeholders.

Key Platform Features

Custom Pathways

From a 1-hour training session to a 3 year higher level diploma to enterprise workforce development, My Virtual Tutor is a fully customised solution for you.

Our authoring tool is easy to implement in your organisation so you can enjoy the benefits of this 360 learning experience quickly.

Learning Events

My Virtual Tutor lets you create, edit and manage virtual environments which is directly linked to all users dashboards and learner programmes.

Tutors can select from various room types and instant deploy new live events to all the required learners. This is embedded into the programme outline and the learners dashboard for easy access.

Virtual Environments

My Virtual Tutor has multiple virtual environments to support different learning outcomes and scenarios. The tutor can engage with the learners in larger groups, small groups and 1on1 when required.

Tutors can record the sessions in a safe learning environment, the recordings can be automatically uploaded to the learner’s portfolio.

User States

My Virtual Tutor has multiple user states that empower communication between all stakeholders involved in the learning journey. The platform provides transparency, auditing tools and live reporting.

Reports & Tracking

My Virtual Tutor’s live reporting dashboard allows tutors to track every step of the learner’s progress, and communicate directly if they are falling behind.

The platform also allows tutors and learners to add smart targets so that the learner can build realistic learning goals during the programme commencement. All reporting is downloadable.