My Virtual Tutor, the most advanced software for digitising your learning experience!

My Virtual Tutor transforms conventional classroom delivery to a virtual learning environment which enhances the quality and the learning journey. The platform delivers a 360° experience incorporating a learning management system with a large library of digital media, live online workshops and access and reporting for all stakeholders.

It is the perfect solution for schools, universities, businesses and training providers.

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Video events integrated into our learning management system

Multiple video room types to allow better user engagement

Build custom learner pathways to match your training goals integrated with Olive’s large online content library

Multiple learning mediums including document management, custom forms, forums and personal development plans

Two way communication between tutors and learners for tracking and completing assessments.

Robust reporting on learner progress and ability to set targets

Coming Soon: 
AI integration to support with multiple face-to-face assessment and certification requirements.